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DSPS Test Proctor

Test Proctoring services provides additional time on tests, distraction free environment, low stress, and other test related accommodations.

General Information

Test Proctor: Roberta Gottfried
Location: C - 114

Phone: 619-660-4577
Fax: 619-660-4490
Email: Roberta Gottfried

Hours for Summer 2014

By appointment only

Hours for Fall 2014

9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday - Thursday

How to Register for Test Proctoring

Instruction for Students
  1. Bring your current Academic Accommodation Form to the Test Proctor in the DSPS High Tech Center, Room C-114.
  2. The Test Proctor will complete a blue DSPS Exam Accommodation Form for each class.  The form is only valid for the current semester. Take the form to your instructor, who will complete the bottom section, sign it, and return it to you.  The student must return the signed form to the Test Proctor within 5 days.  
  3. The signed Exam Accommodation Form must be on file with the Test Proctor before test appointments are scheduled.
  4. TEST APPOINTMENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED 5 WORKING DAYS IN ADVANCE:  come by the Test Proctoring Office in C-114;  or call the Test Proctor at (619) 660-4577; or email
Student Responsibilities
  1. Bring all supplies that are allowed by your instructor, such as scantrons, pencils, pens, calculators, blue books and scratch paper. DSP&S does not provide any supplies.
  2. Be on time for your appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment or will be late, call the Test Proctor at (619) 660-4577.
  3. If you miss two test appointments, testing services will be suspended until you meet with the DSPS Coordinator.

Text version of "How to Register for Test Proctoring"

Steps to Test Proctoring for Faculty

Instructions for Faculty - Test Proctoring Guidelines

DSPS provides test accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Your student has requested testing accommodation(s). If you would like the Test Proctor to administer your tests, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, call the Test Proctor at 660-4577.

  1. Complete and sign the Test Proctoring form. Return signed form to student who will take it to Test Proctor in the High Tech Lab in the LRC, Room C -102. This form is valid for the entire semester. Students cannot schedule tests without a signed form.
  2. Test Scheduling: Students must schedule a test appointment with the Test Proctor five days before the test date. Tests cannot be taken without an appointment.
  3. When to send tests: A special confidential envelope and blue Test Request Form are sent to you five days before the test date. It is very important that tests are sent to the Test Proctor three (3) days before the scheduled test or as soon as possible to avoid delays or having to reschedule the student because the test was not received. Tests are kept in a secure, safe location.
  4. How to send tests:
    • Inter-office mail in the “Test Proctor” box in the mailroom.
    • Email to
    • Fax: (619) 660-4490
    • Drop it off in the High Tech Lab, Room C-116
  5. Special Instructions: If at any time during the semester you wish to alter your testing instructions, please note the change on your test or call the Test Proctor. Verbal changes delivered by the student are not accepted.
  6. Completed tests: When the student has finished testing, the test is sealed in a confidential envelope and returned to your mailbox on the same day.
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