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The Cuyamaca College Engineering Program

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement in Civil Engineering

The Certificate of Achievement requirements contain a lighter emphasis on advanced math and physics than does the Associate in Science degree, but more emphasis on applied coursework.  Also, the Certificate of Achievement does not require any General Education or Exercise Science courses.  The Certificate of Achievement in Civil Engineering will permit an individual to work in most civil engineering firms as an engineering technician. 

Course                                   Title                                                                                 Units
CADD 127                              Survey Drafting Technology                                                     3
CHEM 141                              General Chemistry I                                                                5
ENGR 100                              Introduction to Engineering and Design                                       3
ENGR 119                              Basic Engineering CAD                                                            3
CADD 120                       
ENGR 120                              Engineering Computer Applications                                           3
ENGR 200                              Engineering Mechanics – Statics                                               3
ENGR 218                              Plane Surveying                                                                     4
ENGR 220                              Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics                                           3
ENGR 260                              Engineering Materials                                                             3
MATH 180                              Analytic Geometry and Calculus                                               5
MATH 280                              Analytic Geometry and Calculus                                               4
PHYC 190                              Mechanics and Heat                                                             _5__

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