Cuyamaca College Prototyping and Invention Laboratory - Capabilities
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Physical Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping
Alibre 3D solid modeling software
SolidWorks 3D solid modeling software
Makerbot Thing-o-matic 3D printer
Full Spectrum Laser Cutter - 40W C02 laser (9" x 14" working area)

Plastics and Metal Investment Casting Facility
Silicone and plaster-of-paris mold making
Vacuum system, including bell jar
Urethane plastic resin molding
Wax injector
2000 degree F kiln - Skutt Firebox 8
Size 1 Graphite crucible

Other Plastic Forming
Vacuum former - 9 inch by 9 inch

Machine Tools and General Materials Processing
Drill press
Lathe - 24 inch Sherline Model 4400
Mill - Sherline Model 5420
Vertical/horizontal bandsaw
6-inch bench grinder
Welder - Lincoln Electric 35-88A
Assorted hand tools

Electronic Prototyping

Microcontroller-based prototyping
PIC, programmable in
  - PICBasic
  - Assembly
  - C
Basic Stamp

CPLD and FPGA prototyping
Digilent Basys prototyping boards
Digilent XCRP prototyping boards

Parallax Boebots
Parallax Toddlers
Geared DC motors
Stepper motors
BEAM technology robots

Circuit board fabrication facility
2-layer boards only

Test equipment
Signal generators
Power supplies