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Do you want to be part of something extraordinary?  The EOPS Club is back in action. 

Extracurricular activities look great to 4-year colleges and employers, so why not join a club that has it all?  All are invited!  You do not have to be an EOPS student to join!

Picture of EOPS Club Members
Club members attending the 2009 EOPS Recognition Ceremony.

Why join?

  • Learn about access to campus resources
  • Develop life and career skills
  • Tutoring and mentoring of at risk students
  • Community service
  • Participate and coordinate cultural events for the campus community
  • Form new friendships  

For more information, contact the EOPS Office at 619-660-4204 or visit our website.

 Club Officers 2008-2009

     Bryant Dolbow

 Vice President:
      David Odum

      Babe Hana

     Angela Robles

      Nora Hinsley