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Extended Opportunity Programs

Frequently asked questions

How do you apply for EOPS?
Complete the EOPS application (during open enrollment) and submit it to the EOPS Office.
Complete the English/ESL and math placement tests.
Attend a new student orientation.
Enroll in 12 units for the upcoming semester.
What does EOPS require for admission into the program?
  • Complete and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver with the Financial Aid Office.
  • EOPS application and eligibility requirements.
Do EOPS students qualify for an application fee waiver upon transfer?
Yes, UC and CSU universities offer application fee waivers within their applications for EOPS and/or low income students.
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Do I need to meet with counselors in the General Counseling office if I meet with a counselor in EOPS?
No. As an EOPS student you are required to meet with an EOPS counselor two times each semester. The EOPS counselor will provide you with a one semester education plan and will assist in directing you towards your career and transfer goals with a completed six semester plan.

Can I lose my admission status to EOPS once I’m in the program?
Yes. You must maintain a good standing in the program by following program requirements for counselor contact and progress monitoring. If you do not, you will be put on probation for the next semester. The counselors will work with you to get back in good standing.
Are EOPS student automatically eligible for an EOPS grant or book voucher?
No. The EOPS program provides book vouchers and grants as state funding is available.  The main component of the EOPS program is intensive counseling contact for student success.

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