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Federal Work-Study (FWS) Supervisor Information Page





 FWS Supervisor Forms




Thank you for your interest in hiring a federal work-study student.  The following are the steps to hire a federal work-study student and the obligations of a federal work-study supervisor.

STEP 1  Submit FWS Job Request

  1. Download and complete forms - Click HERE for forms.

  2. Email forms to Carrie Valdez and cc your manager/dean and their administrative assistant.

STEP 2  Interviews and Hiring Packet
Supervisor will:

  • Conduct Interviews

    1. Receive phone calls or emails from students requesting interview appointments.

    2. Remind students to bring their financial aid award letter printout to their appointment.

    3. If you are interviewing multiple students, please notify those who you did not hire so they may continue to seek employment.

  • Hire Student

    1. Provide student with the hiring packet. Download forms from the FWS Supervisor Forms page.

    2. Obtain the completed hire packet from the student

      1. Make sure the forms are complete

      2. Sign the hire form

      3. Have the department dean/manager sign the hire form

      4. Send the entire hiring packet to the Financial Aid Work Study Advisor to verify FWS award

NOTE: The hiring supervisor is responsible for making sure the hiring process is completed.

STEP 3  Approval Process
After the Financial Aid Office receives the hiring packet and verifies the work-study award, we will notify you that the student may begin working. Any earnings from work prior to that must be paid from the department's budget. The WS Advisor will forward the hire packet to the appropriate VP for final approvals.


Award and Hours
Refer to each student's financial aid award letter for the maximum amount they can earn each semester or for the year. Use these amounts and divide by the position rate to calculate the number of hours the student can work each semester. At this time, the maximum number of hours a student can work is 19 hours/week (.475 FTE).  Track their earnings to prevent students from earning more than awarded. NOTE: Any amount earned beyond the award amount each semester will be charged to the department budget.

Time Sheets
Time sheets are due at Payroll on the 14th of each month. Although it is stated in the Work-Study Job Obligation that it is the student's responsibility to maintain accurate time sheets and to turn them in to the supervisor in a timely manner, it is as equally the supervisor's responsibility. This would help to prevent late paychecks or overpayments and possible charges to departmental budgets.

You will receive time sheets from Payroll. Until you do, you will need to obtain them from the District's Forms Depot or you can click HERE for the blank version.

Student Award and Notification
Students were notified of their FWS award and that they can view their award letter through Web Advisor. There, they have access to a link for Work-Study Instructions.  The students are instructed to:

  • view and obtain job postings online at for contact information and to make interview appointments with FWS supervisors;

  • show/provide their financial aid award letter to prospective FWS supervisor as verification of the work-study award.


If you have any questions regarding the hire packet/hire forms, please contact Employment Services (x7639).

If you have any questions about the Federal Work-Study program, please email or call Carrie Valdez (x4531).







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