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Life Drawing Open Studio



Open Drawing Mondays

Cuyamaca College Fine Art Club
All Students (and guest) may attend!

Communication Arts Building "B" Room 368

Every Monday from 4-7pm   except when campus is closed

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Life Drawing Open Studio--No Instruction - Note: changed to Wednesday

Every Wednesday late afternoon (4-7pm), beginning Wednesday September 26, 2012 - students chip in and pay for the model - bring cash (several one dollar bills and a few fives). Please don not bring $20.00 bills, expecting us to have change!  The model requires $60.00 for the session; the cost depends on how many students attend.  Usually around 6 to 10 students show-up, therefore the cost per student is approximately $6.00 to $10.00 each.  The supervising Faculty is the Club Advisor and need not pay.  Please arrive by 4pm sharp - so that we know there are enough students. Please remember to enter quietly, in the unusual event that you arrive late.  Money is collected at the half-time break. No admittance after the half-time break!

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