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Cuyamaca College Fitness Center: How to Enroll


 Picture of several Fitness Machines in the Fitness Center


How To Enroll In Fitness Center courses ES 011, 012 and 010

  • If you are new to Cuyamaca College, submit an application for admission on the school's website:

  • For your first Fitness Center course, register for ES 011 (note: if you have already completed an Orientation you may sign-up for any of the above classes, but will still be required to pass the Student  Quizzes and other written course material)

  • Enroll for 0.5 unit of credit  (24 hours minimum, 40 hours maximum), or

  • Enroll for 1 unit of credit  (48 hours minimum, 72 hours maximum)

  • Schedule and complete an Orientation if this is your first Fitness Center class.

  • Orientation Packet and study guides are are available in the student Blackboard account.

  • ****Due to safety and health concerns, concurrent enrollment in more than one fitness center course is not permitted (ES 010, ES 011, ES 012)

Picture of several Fitness Machines in the Fitness Center

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