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  Greg "diff" Differding  
" "
Office:  E109B
Phone: (619) 660-4039

Office Hours (held in E109B or E211)

Tuesday:  11:00A-1:00PM
Wednesday:  4:00-6:00PM

Other times by appointment


Courses Taught

CIS110 Principles of Information Systems
CIS190 Windows Operating Systems
CIS191 Linux Operating Systems
CIS267 Directed Work Experience
CIS290 Windows Server--Installing and Configuring

CIS291 Linux Server Administration
CIS293 Windows Server--Administering
CIS294 Windows Server--Advanced Configuration


BS -- Analytical Management -- U. S. Naval Academy
MA -- National Security -- U. S. Naval War College
Certificate -- Business Computing/Info Systems -- UCSD
Certificate -- Instructional Technology -- SDSU



I am an avid cyclist and fan of the "Tour de France."  A 50 mile bike ride stimulates the mind and is a good stretch of the legs.  Most weekends you can find me plying the hills and roads of San Diego County.

As a professional furniture and cabinetmaker, my second passion is woodworking.  I am thrilled by the sensuous feel of a finely crafted and finished piece of furniture or cabinetry. I find woodworking a relaxing break from life's frenetic pace.

Camping is life's governor. When everything is going too fast, I go camping. Reading a book by a stream, trout fishing (catch and release on barbless hooks), and hiking through scenic country slows life down and puts things back in perspective.


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