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  Greg "diff" Differding  
" "
Office:  E109B
Phone: (619) 660-4039

Office Hours (held in E109B)

Monday:  4:00-6:00PM
Tuesday:  4:00-6:00PM

Other times by appointment


Courses Taught

CIS110 Principles of Information Systems (Spring 2014)
CIS190 Windows Operating Systems (next Fall 2014)
CIS191 Linux Operating Systems  (Spring 2014))
CIS267 Directed Work Experience (Spring 2014)

CIS291 Linux Server Administration (Spring 2014)


BS -- Analytical Management -- U. S. Naval Academy
MA -- National Security -- U. S. Naval War College
Certificate -- Business Computing/Info Systems -- UCSD
Certificate -- Instructional Technology -- SDSU



I am an avid cyclist and fan of the "Tour de France."  A 50 mile bike ride stimulates the mind and is a good stretch of the legs.  Most weekends you can find me plying the hills and roads of San Diego County.

As a professional furniture and cabinetmaker, my second passion is woodworking.  I am thrilled by the sensuous feel of a finely crafted and finished piece of furniture or cabinetry. I find woodworking a relaxing break from life's frenetic pace.

Camping is life's governor. When everything is going too fast, I go camping. Reading a book by a stream, trout fishing (catch and release on barbless hooks), and hiking through scenic country slows life down and puts things back in perspective.


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