CIS 110 Principles of Information Systems [back]

An introductory course in information technology with emphasis on business and business related applications. Concepts include computer organization, data processing systems, decision support systems, systems analysis and design. The laboratory component consists of hands-on problem solving using software applications including spreadsheets and databases.

This class is an introduction to Information Technology (IT) for business and related majors using Excel and Access. This class is articulated to the MIS 180 class at SDSU. This class is not a beginning computer class using Office applications and does not cover Word or PowerPoint

Time commitment - Students taking this class can expect to spend about 9 to 12 hours per week working on assignments. Some students may need less and some students may considerably more time to complete their work.  In addition, this is a short-term class lasting only 12 weeks. You will need your class materials by the beginning of Week 2.  Plan accordingly. 

The class will use Office 2013 exclusively.  The class starts on August 26.  I will use Blackboard for this class, so you will see class materials being made available in Blackboard as it gets closer to the class start date. 

This is a fully online class.  There are no required on campus meetings for my classes. Tests, lab assignments and lectures will be delivered on-line.  There are tutors and computer facilities on campus for those needing those services.  In addition, I will be available during my office hours (M, T 4:00-6:00PM) to provide additional assistance.

Students will need a reliable computer and Internet connection.  The computer must have Microsoft Office 2013 including:


Required Texts

Required Software