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Business Journals, Newspaper Articles, Online journals
Purpose: To introduce you to business journal research.
#1 : Find journal articles.
Articles are best for current information. You may want to begin with General Onefile is an electronic database for students at Cuyamaca College. Infotrac provides articles and abstracts from business journals.  It is an excellent place to start when looking for articles on any business topic.  It does not include valuable trade and industry and other periodicals.

#2: Find newspaper articles. 
Use the database called an ProQuest, an online newspaper database accessible from the Library Home Page. It gives complete full-text article from the San Diego Union Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times.

#3: Finding online publications on the Internet.

Some popular business journals are:
  • Business Week -  Online version articles in the current issue, special reports, and other articles published online about global business, investing, small business, etc. 
  • Consumer Reports - Provides consumer reports, product ratings, and advice articles for free and subscription.  The A-Z site index distinguishes between free and fee-based information on the site. 
  • Forbes - Online version of Forbes magazine that provides free full-text access to the current issues of Forbes publications, investment newsletters, stock quotes, company research, free portfolio tracking, Roth IRA calculator, a fund finder, and a financial glossary.  Users must register, but registration is free.
  • Fortune - Online version of Fortune magazine that provides free full-text access to the current Fortune issue, stock quotes, Fortune 500 lists, company profiles, and other articles about investing, careers, small business, and technology.

There are several online publications written by and for entrepreneurs, with advice and tips on various aspects of doing business. Some require a subscription. Some do not.

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