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Child Development

Child Development Websites

Child observation websites

The Child and Family WebGuide is a directory that evaluates, describes and provides links to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice. Topics are selected on the basis of parent recommendations; they cover all ages, from early child development through adolescence.

 Child and Brain: The Stages of Development
Developmental milestones, the checkpoints along the road of life that are supposed to gauge our progress, also allow us to look from the outside in, to gauge how our brains grow to interact with the external world.


Child Trends.
"Child Trends is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to studying children, youth, and families through research, data collection, and data analyses" (from Background page). Site includes Research Briefs, Fact Sheets, links to sites on such topics as welfare and poverty and teen pregnancy, and so on.

Zero to Three.
The mission of Zero to Three is to bring parents, caregivers and professionals direct access to the latest findings in early child development.

Children's Rights

  • ADOL - Adolescence Directory On-Line
    A guide to information on adolescent issues. It is a service of the Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University. Educators, counselors, parents, researchers, health practitioners, and teens can use ADOL to find Web resources for many topics, including conflict & violence, and mental health, and counselor resources.
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics - National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCCAN)
    Info on child abuse and neglect in the USA.
  • Child Labor in America 1908-1912
    A sobering portfolio of mill-workers, newspaper vendors, coal miners, seamstresses, and fruit-pickers, all of whom are far too young. This fascinating online exhibit features original photo captions by Lewis W. Hine.
  • Children of the Night
    Helping children who have been forced into prostitution or pornography.
  • Child Research Net (CRN)
    A non-profit interactive research center on the internet to study, analyze and discuss the problems that children face in today's complex world. Its aim is to gather and exchange information regarding children and youth internationally, with a special focus on Japan and Asia.
  • Child Rights
    Information on the progress towards universal acceptance of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the violations of this convention: child labor and the ultimate abuse: child prostitution. This report is part of the The Progress of Nations, published annually by the United Nations Children's Fund.




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