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Instructor: Ms. E. Pumpelly
Gifted Hands research

The purpose of this activity will be to access resources using the Cuyamaca Community College library in order to supplement the information you learn while reading Ben Carson's autobiography.

Directions: You will choose one topic from the choices below. In the library and on your own, you will complete the research outline to prepare for an in-class writing assignment with the following specifications.
One paragraph in length with at least six to eight sentences for your paragraph.
Your paragraph will contain a topic sentence, supporting details and a concluding sentence, (PIE: point, illustration, explanation).
All sources will be cited in correct MLA format.

Library Research Question: (CHOOSE ONE)
Topic #1
Carson chose the career of a neurosurgeon. Find out what it takes to become a neurosurgeon. Use the website called
Occupational Outlook and type "physicians and surgeons" in the search box. Please answer the following questions.

What is the nature of the work and working conditions of a neurosurgeon? What are the educational requirements of a neurosurgeon? What aspects of this career do and/or do not appeal to you? Explain why.

Topic #2
Find resources outside Carson's Gifted Hands biography (news coverage, websites, etc.) that include his personal commentary. Select one of his quotes that you find meaningful and thought-provoking. Cite the quote and explain what it means to you. Write about whether you agree or disagree with the quote and explain why. Explain how you can apply this quote to your personal life or future.
(Library research tip for Topic #2: Try the following websites: and read this

good article from Reading Today

Topic #3

Research the Carson Scholars Fund ( Explore the website to find out how Ben and Candy Carson continue to make positive change in his community. Describe the foundations purpose and goals. Find an example (testimony, personal description) of one student who has benefited from the program. Describe the persons background and the type of support they received from the fund. Write about the most interesting fact you learned about the foundation. Explain why it interested or inspired you.



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