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English 90R
Ms. E. Pumpelly
Short stories assignment

Purpose: To introduce students to American and English short story writers. To increase student understanding of the elements of a short story such as plot, theme, characters and setting. View your short story assignment

1. What is a short story?  How does a short story differ from a novel?
A short story is a work of fiction that is shorter than a novel.  The action is compact and every single event is critical to the development of the plot.  The time span could vary from a day to years
Read more short story elements and use the student activity worksheet to document your information.

2.How do I find five facts about my author?

Go to the Library Homepage --->Articles and databases A-Z -- Select Letter L --Literature Resource Center.


 Comprehensive websites:

Books in CC Library collection.

You must do an advanced search. In the subject box, type "short stories". In the match on box, type "exact content". Some of our book titles are:

San Diego Noir (call # PS648 N64 s26 2011) is a book of San Diego short story writers.

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