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 English 98R
Instructor Ms. Emma Pumpelly

DIRECTIONS: Part one of your assignment is to research one of the following broad topics: 1)Segregation, 2)Harlem Renaissance, 3) Civil Rights, 4)Black panthers. Write 5-7 sentences summarizing the main points and giving clear facts and vivid examples.

Library research. Use these search terms in GVRL. Omit the dates:

PART 1 Search Terms for segregation, civil rights and black panthers
1880 Jim Crow Laws
1896 Plessy v. Fergerson
1918-1932 Harlem Renaissnace (time period for the Harlem Renaissance)
1952 Brown v Board of Education
1955 Emmett Till
1955 Montgomery bus boycott and Rosa Parks
1957 Little Rock Nine (Little Rock Central High, Arkansas)
1957 Civil  Rights Act of 1957 passed
1960 Greensboro sit-in
1960 SNCC formed - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
1961 Freedom Rides
1962 James Meredith and Mississippi University
1963 March on Washington
1964 Civil Rights  Act 1964 passed
1964 Martin Luther King awarded Nobel Peace Prize
1965 Malcom X assassinated
1965 Civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery
1965 The Voting Rights Act passed
1965 Watts riots
1966 Black Panthers Party (BPP) founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
1918-1932 is the time period for the ha

PART II of your assignment requires you describe interracial marriage in the 1930s and being an child of interracial parents.

Library research, Look up these topics in GVRL. Omit dates.

1664-1720 Interracial marriage in early America
1967 Loving V. Virginia. (State laws forbidding inter-racial marriage were declared unconstitutional by United States Supreme Court)
Inter-marriage (no year needed)


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