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Instructor: Ms. B. Pescar
English 109

 Research assignment Fall 2013

This assignment is not a 5 paragraph essay. This is a research paper and must be at least 4-7 pages in length.

For this assignment you must choose one of the prompts as outlined below unless you receive prior authorization from your instructor. You must use secondary research from the library databases as we learned from the library orientation so it is important you chose a topic that facilitates a well- balanced argument and meets the required page length.

1. Choose a subject for an argument essay and narrow that subject to a manageable topic. Then take a stand on that issue (for or against proposing a change). Be sure to include the opposition’s view and counterarguments and address them thoroughly. Be sure to include MLA documentation to find and cite your sources. Be sure to include an annotated bibliography.

2. Choose a problem from the following list to create your argument:

(plan for change or solution-remember you must use research to show this development process).

a.       A problem you see at your school such as parking, scheduling of classes, bookstore prices, food prices, etc.

b.      A problem where you work such as parking, scheduling, problems with co-workers, pay, etc.

c.       A problem from your neighborhood that you would like to see fixed such as a needed stop sign/stoplight, parking problems, a needed park, etc.

  1. Choose a topic on a local issue where you have developed significant research to support the argument and can show the opposition’s point of view.

Recall of San Diego Mayor

Environmental Issues

Local Political Hot Topics

After you have chosen a problem related to one of these choices you will need to come up with a plan for a solution. This plan will become your thesis. It is what you will be arguing for. Remember using the words should or must or the phrase needs to helps your reader know that you are arguing for a change and helps make sure you have developed a specific plan of action.



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