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English 109
Instructor :
Ms. J. Posey

PURPOSE: To make an argument and persuade your audience to take a course of action regarding a current issue that will affect future generations.

ASSIGNMENT: Many times life gets so hectic with family, friends, work, and school that when we are faced with an obstacle in our paths it seems overwhelming given the fact that we just don't have the time to deal with it. Consider this your time. Think of an issue that has become an obstacle in your path. For example, you could be considering a vegetarian diet that would lead to better health, but you are dissuaded by your peers because it seems challenging and you don't have enough information. Or, maybe you love to hike, and your favorite park is being closed and you don't know why. Perhaps you smoke, and you are annoyed that you cannot smoke anywhere on campus. Whatever your obstacle is now is the time to face it. In the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is considered to be the remover of obstacles, and interestingly patron of letters and learning. So, think of this research paper as your own personal Ganesha;a remover of the obstacle in your life.

Audience: You will be writing for an academic American audience. Point of View You will write in third person point of view. (Avoid the following pronouns: I, Me, My, We, Our, Us, You, Your)

Required Guidelines Your essay should be 750-1200 words in length. You must use three outside sources to support your claims. One of these must be an article from a scholarly journal. You must acknowledge and refute argument made by the opposition. In order to present a logically sound argument, you must be able to acknowledge the opposing view and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your view is the right choice. This will be referred to as counter argument. You need to include an MLA formatted Works Cited page. You need to use the AEES format to structure your paper

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