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Paralegal Studies

Finding Formbooks

The Internet is an ever expanding source of legal forms. Good sources are listed below:

At the San Diego Public Law Library


A. Bankruptcy

  • Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 3d (available on Westlaw); Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 2d (KF1524 .N67).
  • Collier on Bankruptcy, 15th ed., rev. (; also available on Lexis) published by Matthew Bender. The contents of volumes 11-13 of the set are bankruptcy forms.
  • Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms (); see also Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms (Reserve; also available on Westlaw).
  • Other bankruptcy forms can be located by a search of the online catalog using either a “subject keyword” or “subject begins with” search "BANKRUPTCY UNITED STATES FORMS."

B. Contracts

By its nature, the field of contracts involves the drafting and interpreting of documents. Contracts is a broad topic that can be further subdivided, e.g., real estate and commercial law. The two best known general contracts forms books are:

  • Forms of Business Agreements with Tax Ideas, Annotated (KF886 .C3), published by Institute for Business Planning.
  • Warren's Forms of Agreements: Business Forms (KF808 .W37), published by Matthew Bender.
    Note: The Library’s print Matthew Bender forms publications are no longer updated regularly. While their content may be somewhat outdated, they are still valuable starting points from which to construct legal forms. Current members of the Duke Law community may access more recent versions of Matthew Bender publications on LexisNexis.
  • Other contracts form books can be found by searching using either a “subject keyword” or “subject begins with” search: "CONTRACTS UNITED STATES FORMS" or "COMMERCIAL LAW UNITED STATES FORMS."

C. Pleading and Practice @ SD Law Library, not Cuyamaca Library

Law students and new lawyers frequently wish to know how to draft a pleading or a motion. Official forms are often found in or as an appendix to rules of procedure. For example, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure include various official and suggested forms. For day-to-day pleading and motion practice, other resources are available:

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated ( KF8836.A45; also available on Westlaw) is arranged similarly to American Jurisprudence Legal Forms. Once again, this set includes cross references to American Jurisprudence and American Law Reports. The book contains forms suitable for federal and state practice.

West's Federal Forms (Practice & Procedure KF8836 .W4; also available on Westlaw) is arranged by the court one is practicing before, e.g., the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeal, and U.S. District Court. Volume I begins with forms used in practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Federal Procedural Forms Lawyers Edition( KF8836.F4; also available on Westlaw) is a multi-volume set of forms used in federal civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings. For each of the more than 65 chapters, there are outlines, research references, annotations, state considerations, law practice checklists, and the forms themselves.

Note: The following form books, published by Matthew Bender, are no longer updated regularly in the Library’s print collection. While their content may be somewhat outdated, they are still valuable starting points from which to construct legal forms. Current members of the Duke Law community can access the most current versions on LexisNexis.

Bender's Forms of Discovery ( KF8900.A3 B458) covers the practice of discovery, the portion of pretrial practice used to learn information about one's (and one's opponent's) case. The set contains interrogatories arranged alphabetically by the subject of the action.

Bender's Federal Practice Forms ( KF8836.B45) is arranged to parallel the federal rules of procedure.

Moore's Manual: Federal Practice Forms (), a companion set to Moore's Federal Practice, also published by Matthew Bender, has 3 volumes of forms.

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