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Instructor: M. Sessom
Paralegal Labor Law Assignment

Your supervising attorney, Mr. Jones, has a settlement conference tomorrow morning.  Opposing counsel has made a statement the the word "labor" is not used in any California Code section outside of the Labor Code.

Your supervising attorney needs a memorandum that indicates one (1) section from three (3) DIFFERENT codes containing the word "labor".  Cite each code section and give a short summary of what the code is about.  If the code section provides any annotations, cite at least one (1) case.  If the code sections are related in any way, discuss briefly the relationship.  There will be no discussion if they are not related but say so in your conclusion.

Look up word LABOR in one of the following law books:

  • West's Annotated Codes General Index
    This is a four volume paperback.  (Law KFC 30.5 W4). 
    In the index volume labeled J -0 look up the word "Labor"

  • West Annotated California Code Index volumes
    These contains actual 29 California Codes. 
    Each code has its own separate index for you to use
    For example, the Business and Professions Code Index is LAW KFC 30.5 W4

  • Larmac (Ref KFC 4 L37)


1.Use the Wests Annotated Calif Codes General Index

2.Look up the word

  • LABOR and employment

  • Labor camps

  • Labor commissioner

  • Labor disputes

3. Under labor disputes you will see                                        

  • Horseracing Bus&P section 19455 et seq

  • "Bus and P" is the abbreviation for business so locate West Annotated California Code- Business and Professional (Bus &P) section 19455 

  • You should find this section

Find a LABOR related case

  • West's California Digest 2d. 1977-.
    Call Number: Law
    KFC 57 W477
    This digest provides subject indexing to all case law in California, including U.S. Supreme Court and other federal cases arising in or appealed from California jurisdictions from 1977 to the present.

  • Cal Jur California Jurisprudence
    Call Number: Law KFC 80 C34
    This encyclopedia to major concepts.  CalJur 3d is blue/red volumes.

  • Witkins Summary of California Law.
    Call Number:
    Law KFC 80 W5

STATUTORY LAW: how to read a citation 

Statutory law refers to laws or acts or statutes passed by the California legislature.
Statutes of California and Amendments to the Codes. v.1-, (1854-).
Compilation of laws arranged in order of passage by the legislature.

    Cites as ____Cal. Stat.____.

Statues are codified in the West's Annotated California Codes.
Call Number:
KFC 30.5 W4
Subject arrangement of state laws currently in effect with annotations containing citations to applicable court decisions and law review articles.

    Cited as Cal [Subject] Code section____.

Case Law: How to read a citation

    Legal citation to case law follows a set format. Once you master the format, the only difficulty remaining is identifying abbreviations. Format:

    Volume Number Abbreviation of Court Reporter Page Number

    Example: To cite a case that starts on page 24 of volume 84 of the California Reporter, the format would be : 84 Cal. Rptr. 24.

    Additional Example:
    9 P.2d. 415 (Volume 9 of Pacific Reporter, 2nd Series at page 415)

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