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Paralegal Studies
Caveat Emptor: Internet Websites for legal information.

Is the website updated regularly?
In print sources, researchers may judge the timeliness by reviewing the copyright date or publication issue.  The Internet, on the other hand, has no uniform way to document timeliness of publication.

Outdated legal information abounds.  Examine these two examples:
Example #1:Look over New York State consolidated Laws at Click any code and expand the section.  Can you determine the status of the law?  No.  Is it good law?  There is no way you can tell if it is good law because the site lacks dates and references.

Example #2:Go to Pennsylvania Statutes, Title 23 Chapter 11.  Scroll down to the revised date.  The date is supposed to signify the last revision.  As you can see the date is 1999- five years ago.  Is this good law?

ON THE OTHERHAND, there are good websites noted for their accuracy.  For example the GPO Access includes the Federal Register and congressional Record.  both websites add to the databases the morning of the day of publication.  As a legal assistant you will find the current day's issues here before they enter a library depository.

Another good website is Katsuey's Legal Links. This site is created and maintained by a working paralegal. Most of websites are free to view.

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