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Social Work 110
Instructor: Ms. A. Stirling

PURPOSE: This research guide is designed to help you complete your assignment on fields of study in clinical social work and community/administrative leadership.

DIRECTIONS: Your assignment is to select one field of service. What field of service interests you? Why? What is the target population? What are the practice methods that social workers use in this field? Indicate micro and/or macro practice methods. Your assignment also requires you to choose one book on the selected topic and three professional social work or social service journal articles.

Library Research Tip#2: To find a book, use Library Catalog and search terms "social work". Book must be less than five years old so check copyright.

See library call number sections: 

- Social work, HV1-HV696
- Social work education, HV11
- Social work with criminals, HV7428
- Social work with gay youth, HV1426 - HV1449
- Social work with juvenile delinquents, HV9051-HV9230.7
- Social work with teenagers, HV1421-HV1441 
- Social work with the terminally ill, HV3000-HV3003
- Social work with youth, HV1421-HV1441

Library Research Tip#3: To find journal articles, use Academic Search Premier or Academic Onefile databases.  You can access these two databases from the Cuyamaca College Library homepage. Try these subjects:

- Social Work

- Social work administration

- Family social work

- Medical social work

- Police social work

- Psychiatric social work

Professional organizations

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