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• Eduardo Aguilar
• Robert Bond
Judith Campbell
• Richard Carrico
Susan Haber
Jennifer Hernandez
• Juli Jones
• Delos McCoole
Alazar Tesfamariam
Peter Utgaard, Ph.D.
Terry Valverde
Tim Zelt




Majoring in History at Cuyamaca College prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities for continued study in the field and the Associate Degree program fulfills the lower-division requirements for most majors in the History Department at San Diego State University and is typical of requirements at other four-year schools.

Students who complete this program will have a firm grasp on the world around us, the role women and minorities have played in our history, and the historical underpinnings of various government systems and ideologies in other countries. Students will be able to define historical periods and transitions, demonstrate how literature and the arts helps us understand the past, and recognize theories of historical interpretation.

History is part of the History, Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Cuyamaca College.



Cuyamaca College offers an array of courses, including Women in Modern American History, which covers the social, political, cultural, economic and intellectual development of women in America from 1877 to present; the Native American perspective, which analyses the contemporary, historical, political and socioeconomic issues affecting American Indians nationwide; and the black perspective of U.S. history, which emphasizes the cultural, socioeconomic and political experience of African-Americans in this country.



  • Anthropologist
  • Archeologist
  • Cartographer
  • Teacher, instructor or professor
  • Travel advisor
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Historian
  • Politician
  • Technical writer



The History Department at Cuyamaca College also has sponsored an array of events, including panel discussions on the role of women in World War I.



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