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Meet our Staff

Come by and visit the Outreach office.

Ryan Shumaker - Student Success Coordinator

Hello! My name is Ryan Shumaker and I am the Student Success Coordinator here at Cuyamaca College. I absolutely love what I do and the people I work with. I worked hard to get where I am and I am proud of my accomplishments. I graduated from West Hills High School and attended Cuyamaca College where I majored in University Transfer Studies while also playing basketball and competing on the track and field team. I was also a Student Ambassador while attending Cuyamaca. While still at Cuyamaca College, I earned a track scholarship to Southern Illinois University- Carbondale where I studied Business Management and then continued on to complete my Masters of Business Administration. The mid-west definitely gave me a better appreciation for the great life I have here in southern California. I have come to appreciate the helpfulness of the people as well as the beauty of the campus at Cuyamaca College. I am a resident of East County San Diego where I live with my beautiful wife Cassie.

Mary Garcia - Outreach Assistant

Hi, my name is Mary Garcia and I am the department assistant to the High School and Community Relations office at Cuyamaca College. I have been working within the department for the past three years, where I started as a Student Ambassador. I graduated from Monte Vista High School in 2007. Throughout high school I wasn't too fond of school but it was my interest in learning that mostly kept me going. After finally graduating from high school, attending college was not in my immediate plans. For this reason, during the summer I attained my first job at a retail store. I have to admit, I hated it. However, it served its purpose and also taught me a lesson. At that moment I realized that I would not further my job opportunities without any higher education. Also, being the oldest out of four siblings I knew that I had the responsibility to serve as a positive example to my brothers. However, still apprehensive about college, I took a year to explore my options. Finally, it dawned on me that Cuyamaca College offered everything I needed to achieve my academic goals, so I enrolled in the fall semester of 2008. I started my college career as a Political Science major, but like many other college students, I changed it at least four times. Nonetheless, the passion I have to help people led me to choose Sociology as my major. I was able to transfer to San Diego State University within two years and I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree. I hope to graduate in the summer of 2012 and continue to further my education by pursuing a M.A. in a Counseling Degree Program. That is me in a nutshell.

Jessica Yakou - Data Specialist

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Mickey McClain - Student Ambassador

Hey there. My name is Mickey and I am a Student Ambassador for Cuyamaca College. I'll spare you my life story and cut to the point; the summer of 2010 wasn't the finest phase of my life. I was graduating from Valhalla high school, true, but had no sense of direction nor purpose- those four years of incessant, crushing apathy had caught up to me. So after a tidal wave of encouragement from my counselors and teachers, I took a lead from my brother- grudgingly, of course, he's my brother- and enrolled at Cuyamaca College to see where the wind would take me. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be one of the few decisions in my life that wasn't a mistake. That insane drive for more knowledge resurfaced from all those years ago when I was a kid foraging through the sagebrush of San Diego. I realized just how much I could help others by applying all that knowledge. So here I am today, soon to transfer to a four-year university to keep carving my path in life. I am an English major and I hope to someday become an English professor. Hey, at this rate, maybe I'll just make it.

Ashley Soto - Student Ambassador

Hi, my name is Ashley Soto and I am a Student Ambassador for Cuyamaca College. I started my high school career in Tehachapi, a small town in central California, and then transferred to Granite Hills High School my junior year of high school. I graduated in 2010.I have always been involved with sports and clubs, like tennis and color guard. Because I was so distracted with the move and extracurricular activities, I put my school work on the back burner. I ended up with average grades and no S.A.T. or A.C.T. scores. Going to Cuyamaca College is giving me the essential requirements I need to transfer to a state university or a private college. I am currently majoring in studio arts. Cuyamaca has wonderful art programs with graphic art and studio art. When I graduate from here I intend to peruse a master's degree in studio art.

Miguel Martinez - Student Ambassador

Hey everyone! My name is Miguel Martinez and I am a Student Ambassador for Cuyamaca College. I recently graduated in 2010 from Valhalla High School, and now I am on my way to finishing my general education at Cuyamaca College. Some of my interests include mountain biking (intense mountain biking, I guess you can say I am an adrenaline junkie) and D.J.-ing! I get paid for meeting people, sitting and playing music all day, it's quite fun. On a serious note, I like to get down to business when it comes to school; even though I was not always like that before. Just like many, or some of you, you may not know exactly where you want to go or what you want to do with your life. I'm here to let you know that it is ok. As a Student Ambassador it is my job to help you with this excruciating process. Thanks to the Student Ambassadors who attended my high school I was able to get a head start on what I wanted to do with my life. Now I am a full time student, working to finish my general education and transfer to a university, probably San Diego State because of its business program and proximity to the city I've always lived in. Bye for now!

Nika Zaballa - Student Ambassador

Hi my name is Nika Zaballa. I am an avid traveler, reader, and foodie. (I love eating...all of the time!) In high school, Math and Science were not my strong suits. I was always in remedial classes and getting extra help from my teachers. I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to major in while in college. As I did grow up in the city of Manila in the Philippines, I had no idea I was going to be in the United States for college, and it was hard to handle the change of worlds. I was very reluctant of leaving my friends and family behind after I graduated from St. Pedro Poveda College in 2007. I came to Cuyamaca taking the advice of my mom, who was a Cuyamaca College employee at the time. She said that the school had all the latest facilities. I never knew what my major would be until I had finished all my general subjects. Luckily, after a long evaluation and a lot of Cuyamaca's help, I have decided to be a Nursing major with a Math minor. Cuyamaca's teachers have simplified the twists and turns of labs and equations, so I have conquered my enemies. I am hoping to get into the Nursing Program at Grossmont College and my Bachelor's Degree at either CSU San Marcos or SDSU, and of course, I am still open to other options. The important thing is that I always have a definite plan for the next stage of my life.