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How to get started

So where do we begin? Follow these four simple steps:

  • 1Complete our Online Application for Admission
      To attend Cuyamaca College, you must:
    • have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
    • or, be at least 18 years of age.
    • or, be a current High School student and have completed the 10th grade.
    Cuyamaca College has made the first step even easier by having the application to be fully completed online.
  • 3Complete Online Orientation and Assessment
      The online orientation is available through our student portal called "WebAdvisor" The online orientation will provide critical information about the services and type of education you will receive at Cuyamaca College. The assessment results are used to help evaluate your present skill levels and assist in the selection of appropriate English and math classes.
    • Bring:
      • Picture ID
      • Student ID#
      Make sure to arrive 20 minutes early and plan to stay for approximately 3 hours.

      Register online on WebAdvisor (

  • 4Online Advising and Your First Ed Plan
    • Once you have applied, and taken the assessment tests, the next thing you should do is to go through our online advising on WebAdvisor. An online counselor will be able to help you plan out your semester classes.
  • 5Register your classes
    • Register for classes by clicking the link below and logging into WebAdvisor. Enter in the section numbers of the classes you wish to register for!
    • What you need to login:
    • Username: firstname.lastname (example joe.smith)
    • Password: Your six digit birthday (example: January 1, 1990 = 010190)
    • For a detailed video tutorial please click here