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Library Instruction

The library instruction program is designed to teach students how to use the many resources available in the Cuyamaca College Library, while also developing their overall information competency. These workshops give students an opportunity to meet with a librarian, learn about the research process, and think critically about the materials they discover.

Why bother with library instruction?

Our library instruction sessions will help your students become expert researchers by:

Covering the basics

The librarian will address your class as a whole and answer specific research questions, such as:

  • What sources should I use?
    How do I use this newfangled technology?
  • Where do I find it?

Reducing fear

We realize many students are reluctant to ask for assistance, so these sessions are purposely designed to give students the opportunity to meet a "real live" librarian. Students will be encouraged to approach the reference desk whenever they need help with an assignment. They will also learn to express their information needs more accurately and confidently.

Improving communication

Communication is improved between students, librarians, and instructors when everyone gets together to discuss ways of locating and evaluating information. These sessions also help librarians with the collection development process, as they can better pinpoint student and faculty needs.

Increasing efficiency

After a library instruction session, students should be able to retrieve information more efficiently - with less frustration. Our aim is to improve the quality of their work and increase their independence in learning.

Following up

As students begin to do research on their own, librarians at the reference desk will help them work out specific problems as they arise.

Tips for a successful session

To ensure student success, we offer these suggestions:

  • Schedule your session at least three weeks in advance.
  • Discuss your research paper requirements with the librarian ahead of time.

Scheduling a library instruction session

To schedule a library session, please call Jeri Edelen at 660-4423.

Revised  August 30, 2012
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