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LIR 110: Research Methods in an Online World





Welcome to LIR 110
Research Methods in an Online World

This course is designed for the student who would like to become an effective online researcher. Students will learn to select and use appropriate research tools - such as search engines, online directories, meta-search engines, subscription databases, and online catalogs - for specific information needs. They will focus on expressing research questions in relevant search terms and employing various search strategies. In addition, they will learn how to evaluate information for quality, authority, accuracy, and other criteria. The basics of Fair Use, as it pertains to U.S Copyright law, will be introduced.

Online students need to have access to a reliable computer with an Internet connection, as well as Microsoft Word (students living near the Cuyamaca College campus have access to a computer lab with this equipment).  To determine if online learning is right for you, take a look at How This Online Class Works.  

Fall 2014 Cuyamaca, section 5599:

You should be able to log in to Blackboard on August 18, 2014. If you cannot log in to Blackboard, please call the Student Help Line at 619-660-4395.  You may also want to take a look at the Help Desk website for tips on how to tune up your browser for optimal Blackboard use.

You will have the following assignments, with the exception of the discussion board assignment, due on Monday, August 25, 11:59 pm. 
  • LIR 110 Course Orientation
  • Orientation Quiz
  • Module 1, including worksheet
  • Course Readings
  • Quiz (Course Readings, Module 1)
  • Discussion Board - 4 posts (due dates for the discussion board assignment are listed within the discussion board feature)

If you have questions, please email me at: Or you may call me at 619-660-4412. Good luck!

The textbook is available at the campus bookstore or online.

The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook, 4th Edition
Randolph Hock
ISBN: 978-1-937290-02-3
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