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Summer Semester July 9, 2001 to August 10, 2001
0648   Psych 270 05     Statistical Methods of Psychology  10:00am to  11:50 am –                                  MTWTHF, Room. 475
1082  Soc 201 01   Statistical Methods of Sociology

  Professor:             Lina C. Rocha, M.S.


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Catalog course description
 Introduction to use of statistical methods of Psychology with emphasis on organization of data,  measures of central tendency, variability,  association, probability, and inference.  (Same as Sociology  201)[AA/AS Area A2; CSU Area B4;IGETC Area 2A; CAN-Psychology  6]

Course Objectives
 Introduces the student to the uses of psychological statistics.  Emphasis is given to frequency distributions,  measures of central tendency, variability,  probability and inference. Attention is placed on the development of experimental design-hypothesis, identifying variables, aspects of control, experimenter bias and statistical significance.  

Course requirements
 Prerequisite:  Sociology  101 or Psychology 101 and Mathematics 65

Required Texts and materials
   1.  Behavioral Statistics in Action. Mark Vernoy and Judith Vernoy, Brooks/Cole, 2nd       
   2.       Electronic calculator-must compute at least square root.    3.       3 by 5 cards
4.       Pencils, erasers, markers, ruler. 
5.       Scantrons  for  quizzes and exams, Form No. 882-ES
   6.       8 ½  by 11 graph paper

Methods of Evaluation
1.       Quizzes
2.       Exams
   3.       Final Exam

Quizzes are administered at the beginning of class on the dates specified in course calendar. No quizzes may be taken at the end of class or rescheduled for another time. No exceptions.    


Exams are administered on date specified in course calendar. Students may not take any of the exams at a later date unless Professor Rocha has confirmed a written absence excuse and has agreed to administer an exam at a later day.  A 25% of total possible points will be deducted from student’s exam. Exams will cover material from lectures and textbook chapters.        

Final Exam
Students who accumulate a total of 90% by  August 9, 2001, will be exempt from taking the final and will receive a final grade of A.
A student who is absent from scheduled Final Exam will receive a grade of F regardless of points or percentage accumulated
. In case of an emergency, student must contact Professor Rocha  to take the examination at a later date.


  1. Attendance is mandatory. Excessive absences will have a negative effect on student grade. Professor Rocha may officially drop students with excessive absences under the College policy stated in the 2000-2001 Southwestern College Catalog.
  2. Perfect attendance will earn the student 25 extra points. Perfect Attendance means, “perfect attendance.”  A student must   attend all  scheduled class sessions to receive the 25 extra points. No exceptions!
  3. Three tardies equate to an absence and will disqualify student from earning extra points.
  4. Leaving class early will be recorded as an absence unless student informs Professor Rocha otherwise.

  Plagiarism and Academic Cheating
“Plagiarism and cheating constitute violations of academic honesty whether perpetrated actively or passively. Disregard for written or verbal instructions on course may, at the discretion of the professor, represent academic cheating. All violations and suspected violations of academic honesty will result in action taken against parties involved, and will be documented in writing with the Dean of Student Activities and the Dean of the School of Social Sciences and International  Studies. Sanctions may include no credit on the assignment in question, course failure, or formal charges of student misconduct. Formal charges can result in academic probation, suspension, or expulsion.”

  Grading Policies
Student Final grade is determined by meeting the following requirements


Points Each

Total Points


10 quizzes




4 exams




Final exam




Total possible points/percentage






  Grading scale

                        100-90%                 A

                        89-80%                   B

                        79-70%                   C

                        69-60%                    D

                        59 and below            F
During the semester, Professor Rocha may need to update or modify the course syllabus and/or class calendar. Students will be notified of any  course syllabus/calendar changes during regular class sessions.  It will be the responsibility of enrolled students to ensure they possess the latest version of the course calendar