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Lloyd Johnson's Home Page

There is no truth to the rumor of a government conspiracy to hide UFOs from the general public.  The skies are not swarming with UFOs.  Do not go out of town to a dark location or turn off your outside lights at home.  There is nothing to see in the dark sky that you can't see on TV.

The moon landing hoax is also good for a laugh.

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 I will be doing a few shows at Cuyamaca College, each called "A Star Filled Evening".

I earned my Bachelor's degree in physics at California State University Northridge in 1987.  While there I worked two years at the San Fernando Solar Observatory.

I observed Pluto at the Mount Laguna Observatory 1988-1990.  I completed my thesis and Master's degree in astronomy at San Diego State University in 1993.

I now teach astronomy at a few colleges in the San Diego area.  Right now I'm teaching at Cuyamaca, Mesa and Southwestern colleges.  If you're thinking of taking my class in the near future, you might want to take a look at my syllabi.  They are not my latest syllabi, but there has been very little change.

Astr 120 Study Guide

If you are in my astronomy class now, you may want to use my astronomy tutorial. The tutorial includes images.  You may also download the Study Guide (1.5 Mbytes) for astronomy 100 or 110.  If you are also in the lab class, you may download the Lab Manual (10 Mbytes).

I also have images you can download.  Check my other pages for images too.

I also have some kid's stuff you can download.

There are quite a few other astronomy sites that I recommend.

Amateur Astronomy  Interests Observatories Space
Read about light pollution. Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research LiNEAR Asteroids That Come Close to Earth
Amateur Astronomy in San Diego You can keep up to date on solar activity. See the latest on Mars from Pathfinder.
Amateur Astronomy in General Hubble Space Telescope You can get the latest information from Galileo.
Check out SKY Online for astronomy news. Mount Laguna Observatory  
  San Fernando Solar Observatory  

Solar System Probes

Space Missions

Space Station

Rocket Launches

There are photos of just about everything astronomical in the NSSDC Photo Gallery.

Pluto is counted as a planet, for some reason, in The Nine Planets, a tutorial with images.

I free dive as a hobby.

This page last updated April 15, 2009 by Lloyd Johnson.


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Updated April 15, 2009