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Lloyd's Water Page

I do a little free diving off a few California beaches and I take a disposable, underwater camera with me. Sometimes I swim with dolphins and sometimes with a seal. I usually find sand dollars and sometimes hermit crabs. On a few occasions, I've seen crabs and lobsters. I see quite a few sting rays and guitar fish too.


I'm putting several of those photos here for your downloading pleasure. The contents of this page will change according to interest and my disk quota. New photos will not come often, since it takes me a few months to finish a roll and a few weeks to get access to the negative scanner.

These are dolphin pictures. One was captive, the other was wild and the pair are free too.

These are windsurfing shots of my Dad and I.

Theses are hermit crabs.  


One is a crab. The other is a lobster.

These are sand dollars, sting rays and a guitar fish.

I would love to find somebody who would be interested in swimming with me. It's always better to swim with a buddy. Unfortunately they are hard to find. I've only met a few people who will swim that far out. Please email me if you have a passion for free diving.

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This page last updated January 16, 2001 by Lloyd Johnson.