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Lloyd's Images

The images on this page may change, due to disk quota, the needs of my students and the interest of others. The two top left photos were both taken the night of March 17, 1996. One is of the Orion Nebula and the other is Comet Hyakutake. The two left photos are also of Comet Hyakutake, taken the night of March 26, 1996. One has a wide field which shows Polaris and the big dipper. The other shows Polaris near the bottom and alpha Ursa Majoris at the top. Both were taken piggybacked on the Mount Laguna Observatory 21". The photo on the bottom is Comet Hale-Bopp, taken the night of Easter Sunday, 1997.

This is a series of moon photos I took using an eight inch Celestron, borrowed from Grossmont College. I photographed the moon once a night for the entire cycle, from July 1994 into August 1994. I tried to take my pictures from San Diego, but the weather sometimes forced me to drive up to Alpine for clear weather. Some of these photos were taken through haze and don't look as good as others. Number eighteen is the worst. It is underexposed and shows very poor contrast. I only include it so the series will be complete. Select the one you want for a full size image.

This is a series of photos taken at the San Fernanado Solar Observatory, using their solar patrol "white" light telescope. The photos show the apparent motion of sunspots over eight consecutive days. I did not take theses pictures myself. I was very young in 1967.

This is a series of photos taken at Cuyamaca College of the November 29, 1993 lunar eclipse. I used an 8" Celestron and tried to take photos every 5 minutes. Clouds forced me to change my schedule a few times. The UT hour and minute of each photo is indicated in the file name.

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