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Senior High Math Field Day 2009

Hello Math Team Coach:

In this packet you will find copies of the following Senior High Math Field Day events from March, 2009. The following are included in the packet:

Dual Dig level I (2009 Contest)
1. The Contest
2. The answer Key
3. The solutions worked out.

Dual Dig Level II (2009 Contest)
1. The Contest
2. The blank answer sheet
3. The answer Key

Technology Tandem Event (2009 Contest)
1. The Contest
2. The answer Key (With most answers-there may have been some corrections to some of the answers posted in this key)

The Short Course Engineering Event (2009 Contest)
1.The Contest
2. Symbols, formulas, conversion factors, constants, and definitions handed out at the event
3. The answer Key

The "Statistically Speaking" (Statistically Event-2009 (This event was new this year!)
1. The Contest
2. The answer Key

These sample contests and answer keys provide you an idea of what these contests are like, and serve as a good way for students to practice for up and coming events. Please feel free to make copies of these contests and use them for your Math Team as you prepare for competitions. Hopefully the keys are correct, but you might find an error or two that has not been rectified on my copies that I'm giving you here. Sometimes at the event, we catch those errors and make the necessary corrections, but I may not have caught them all here.

Please feel free to contact Eric Preibisius, or Tammi Marshall, if you have any questions about the Math Field Day Event

Eric Preibisius:, or phone: 619-660-4248

Tammi Marshall: ,or phone: 619-660-42484



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