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Course Coordinator Tammi Marshall (Math 88, 180 & 281)
Eric Preibisius (Math 90)
Scott Eckert (Math 103, 110, 170 & 178)
Bryan Elliott (Math 160, 175 & 176)
Terrie Nichols (Math 281, 245 & 285)
Daniel Curtis (Math 120, 280 & 284)
Graphic Calculator

Graphic Calculator is required for Math 110 and all the courses from 160 and above.
To borrow a Calculator, see Nicole Mosa in H 121.

Software's Minitab, Scientific workplace, Converge, Geometers Sketch Pad, Learning Styles Inventory, Tinker plots, Math lab, TI Connect, Math XL, My Math Lab and Web Assign
Math XL  Online
Training for Faculty
MathXL Training For Faculty
Mathematical Associations AMATYC - American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.
MAA - Mathematical Associations of America
NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics



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