On-Line Classes
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College Algebra Terrie Nichols    
Elementary Statistics, Math 160 Leu    

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Instead of attending lectures on campus, online students use the web site, textbooks, and lab activities to learn. Students are responsible for reading the web site and completing all class activities, usually within the week.  Your teacher will answer questions and give feedback via the web site and e-mail.

You mean I don't have to come to class?

That's right!  The only required meetings are an orientation before the semester begins (see the college schedule) and the exams.   For most people, an online course feels like more work than a face-to-face course.  The good news is that you get to pick the time and setting for your learning.

So what do I need to be an online student?

Here's what you need to be able to succeed in the on-line section:

Access to a computer with the course software installed.
Internet access (Web and e-mail).
Ability and willingness to work independently.
Solid experience with Internet and with Windows.  
 - Can you troubleshoot problems? 
 - Can you browse the web and send an e-mail attachment?
It REALLY helps to like reading and writing.
You'll need to participate in the course communication.  
 - Check e-mail regularly -- daily is best.

Do you have any tips for online students?

Keep up with the class.   
The biggest problem online students have is gradually falling behind.  You may lose points when assignments are late, and you may be dropped from the class if you get more than 5 assignments behind.
Schedule at least 9 hours per week for a 3 unit class. Remember, in a regular class you would be driving, parking,  attending class, and doing homework.  Don't think that that you don't need to make time for class just because you're not on campus.
Work with a small group,
either in-person or via phone or e-mail.
Contact your instructor
as soon as you begin to have problems or if you decide to drop.

E-mail and discussion can be brief and casual.