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Field Trips


Curriculum-Based Field Trips and Outreach Programs

For Second through Sixth Grades


Field Trips are scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  There is a maximum of 40 students.  Transportation grants are available to assist with the cost of buses.  Students are free; there is a $2.00 admission fee for each adult. Outreach programs are scheduled as requested by the teacher.  These programs are presented to individual classes only. Please call the museum for reservations for both field trips and outreach programs:  619-670-5194.


Second and Third Grades


Second and third grade students are given a docent-led tour of all four wings of the museum: Natural History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Art.  As part of the tour, they participate in a Treasure Hunt, filling out workbooks that they can take back to class. After the tour, the docents gather all of the students together for a review.  Time is then allowed for shopping at the Museum Store (See below).


For the outreach program, museum volunteers go to the classrooms.  The Archaeology outreach focuses on the life of a Kumeyaay boy, and includes a demonstration in making fire. The volunteers bring along a variety of Kumeyaay artifacts that the students can examine more closely.


The Natural History outreach involves fossils, gems and minerals.  Museum volunteers bring a variety of rocks and fossil specimens to the classroom.


Fourth Grade


Fourth grade students have the best experience by visiting the museum twice during the school year.  The first field trip includes a docent-led tour of all four wings.  While in each wing, students create their own “Docent Handbook” to be used when they bring their families back for a tour of the museum.  Students may then visit the Museum Store.


During a later visit to the museum, the students would come for a “focus” field trip.  They would concentrate only on the Archaeology Wing for a more intensive tour with a special Archaeology Workbook.  In this workbook, students identify specific artifacts and answer questions.  The students then go to the museum Conference Room for expanded discussion and study and a close up investigation of Kumayaay relics.


The same outreach programs are available as with second and third grades. 


Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students would get the greatest benefit by visiting the museum twice during the school year.  The first visit would include a docent-led tour of all four wings.  While in each wing, students create their own “Docent Handbook” to be used when they bring their families back for a tour of the museum.  Students would then have time to explore the Museum Store.


The second visit would be for a “focus” field trip in the Anthropology Wing.  Special workbooks focus on early United States history.  Students then go into the Conference Room for an in-depth discussion of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and a close up examination of artifacts from the period of the Corps of Discovery.


A special outreach program is available about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Sixth Grade


To coordinate with the sixth grade science curriculum, a special  program has been  developed for the Natural History Wing.  First students spend time in the Natural History Wing with special workbooks.  Docents are available for guidance and assistance with finding the items pictured in the workbooks and answering the related questions.


Students are then taken into the museum Conference Room where members of the El Cajon Valley Gem and Mineral Society give a special presentation and close-up view of gems and minerals.  Students then may spend time at the Museum Store, which is particularly rich with items from Natural History (See below).


The Natural History outreach is also available to sixth grade.   Museum volunteers take rocks and fossils into the classroom for inspection.


The Museum Store


Unlike the usual “shopping” experience, the Museum Store is dedicated to extending the field trip experience by allowing students to purchase and take home items that reflect what they’ve learned in the museum. Consequently, the Museum Store is stocked with many kinds of authentic fossils and artifacts, such as shark teeth, arrowheads, shells, minerals, folk art, etc. Even if they don’t purchase anything, the students enjoy going through the many displays of true treasures.  Finding the perfect arrowhead can be a gratifying and educational experience!


All items are sold at the lowest price possible, including many items for $.50 or less.  In fact, we have many items for $.25, including  fossilized shark teeth.


We do consider browsing the Museum Store part of the field trip experience and appreciate your support. 
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