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My career path in the Green Industry is a direct result of the Horticultural program offered at Cuyamaca College. Cuyamaca College offers "real put-to-use" job-related courses.

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Ornamental Horticulture

Class Descriptions

Classes in the Ornamental Horticulture Program provide students with academic preparation and hands-on experience.  Classes are taught by full-time faculty with years of experience and industry leading professionals from the field.  Classes are taught on a rotational basis with some classes offered each semester and others once per year or once every other year. 

Projected Class Rotation Schedule

Review the catalog class descriptions PDF for additional details.

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Class Descriptions
Course Name Units
OH-102 Xeriscape: Water Conservation In The Landscape 2
OH-114 Floral Design I 3
OH-116 Floral Design II 3
OH-117 Wedding Design I 3
OH-118 Special Occasion Floristry 3
OH-119 Wedding Design II 3
OH-120 Fundamentals Of Ornamental Horticulture 3
OH-121 Plant Propagation 3
OH-130 Plant Pest Control 3
OH-140 Soils 3
OH-170 Plant Materials: Trees And Shrubs 3
OH-171 Landscape Drafting 1
OH-172 Introduction To Landscape Design 3
OH-173 Intermediate Landscape Design 3
OH-174 Turf And Ground Cover Management 3
OH-175 Advanced Landscape Design 3
OH-180 Plant Materials: Annuals And Perennials 3
OH-199 Special Studies Or Projects In Orn. Horticulture 1-3
OH-200 Introduction To Computer Aided Landscape Design 3
OH-201 Advanced Computer Aided Landscape Design 3
OH-220 Landscape Construction: Concrete And Masonry 3
OH-221 Landscape Construction: Irrigation And Carpentry 3
OH-222 Japanese Garden Construction And Maintenance 1
OH-225 Landscape Contracting 3
OH-235 Principles Of Landscape Irrigation 4
OH-238 Irrigation System Design 3
OH-240 Greenhouse Plant Production 3
OH-250 Landscape Water Management 2
OH-255 Sustainable Urban Landscapes 2
OH-260 Arboriculture 3
OH-261 Tree Surgery And Specialized Pruning Techniques 1
OH-262 Arboriculture: Palms And Related Plants 1
OH-263 Urban Forestry 1
OH-265 Golf Course And Sports Turf Management 3
OH-275 Diagnosing Horticultural Problems 1.5
OH-276 Horticultural Equipment Repair And Maintenance 3
OH-278 Business Management For Ornamental Horticulture 3
OH-290 Cooperative Work Experience Education 1-4
OH-298 Selected Topics In Ornamental Horticulture 1-4
OH-299 Selected Topics In Ornamental Horticulture 1-4
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