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Associate in Science degrees are awarded when students have completed the General Education Requirements plus 27 units of Paralegal classes:

21 units of Paralegal
   Core Requirements

• A minimum of 6 units
   of Parlegal Electives

This program does not prepare students for law school or the practice
of law.


Paralegal Studies


Associate in Science Degree

This degree program is specifically designed to prepare and provide students with the analytical skills and written abilities necessary to assist attorneys in the practice of law. The technical curriculum goals and objectives emphasize three primary areas:

1. Legal Research, Analysis and Writing
2. Ethics and the Mechanics of Law
3. Cooperative Work Experience

The successful paralegal degree candidate will possess a broad educational background with an opportunity to gain specialized skills in specific areas of law. The large curriculum offering also allows practicing paralegals to attend college refresher or new skills development courses.

Review the Cuyamaca catalog class descriptions and the Degrees/Certificates PDFs for additional details.

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Core requirements
Course Name Units
BOT 120-122 Comprehensive WORD 3
BUS 125 Business Law: Legal Environment of Business 3
PARA 100 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3
PARA 110 Civil Litigation Practice and Procedures 3
PARA 130 Legal Research and Writing 3
PARA 132 Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR) 3
PARA 135 Bankruptcy Law 3


Paralegal Electives

Select at least six units from the following:

Course Name Units
PARA 120 Administrative Law 3
PARA 125 Business Organizations 1
PARA 140 Criminal Law and Procedures 3
PARA 145 Estate Planning 3
PARA 150 Family Law 3
PARA 155 Insurance Law 3
PARA 160 Personal Injury 1
PARA 165 Probate Law 3
PARA 170 Worker’s Compensation 1
PARA 180 Government and Public Contracts 3
PARA 250 Internship* 1-3

*Student must complete 18 units within the major to be eligible for an internship.

Recommended Electives:

Course Name Units
BUS 128 Business Communication 3
ENGL 120 College Composition and Reading 3
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General Education Requirements

To fulfill the general education requirements for the Paralegal Studies degree, select from the following:

Area A– LANGUAGE AND RATIONALITY Minimum of six semester units.

Area B– NATURAL SCIENCES Minimum of four semester units.

Area C– HUMANITIES Minimum of three semester units.

Area D– SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES Minimum of three semester units.

Additional Requirements-  2 courses from Areas B, C or D.

Additional details may be found at  Paralegal General Education Requirements.  Because there are occasional updates, check with a counselor for the most current information.

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