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.Instructions for

Log-In & Course Startup

(for all students in Dr. Carmona's classes)

Availability of your course's Blackboard site begins on Monday, 1/27/2014, and ends with the final exam.  Earlier site access before the beginning of the semester will not be possible (so please do not e-mail the instructor to request earlier access).  In order to log in, you must be enrolled in one of Dr. Carmona's classes--and please note that, if you enrolled late in this course, it will take about 24 hours before Information Systems gives you access to the course's Blackboard site.

To get started in the course, please read and follow all of the instructions below:

  1. LOG IN to Blackboard at using your default user name (firstname.lastname) and password (your 6-digit birth dateóe.g., 012580 for January 25, 1980).

If you are unable to log in, try the following:

  1. Double-check to make sure that you have entered your default user name and password correctly.

  2. Click on the following link for detailed log-in assistance:

  3. If after repeated attempts to follow the above instructions, you are still unable to log in to Blackboard, please email Dr. Carmona immediately. 

  1. FIND THE BLACKBOARD SITE FOR YOUR COURSE. Once you have successfully logged in to Blackboard, find the link to the appropriate course site and enter it.  If (and only if) you are already enrolled in the course (for at least 24 hours), the link should be visible on the first screen after log-in.

  • When inside Blackboard, if you are unable to find or enter the course site, please email Dr. Carmona immediately.

  1. FOLLOW THE STARTUP INSTRUCTIONS that are posted on the Announcements page of the course's Blackboard site.  These instructions will guide you to the first assignments for this semester.  Please note that your first assignment will already be due on Friday, 8:00 am, of the first week of the course.

  2. UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (to be completed right away at the beginning of the course).  Please verify that your personal email address at the WebAdvisor site is correct and current (and one that you already check frequently) so that you can be sure to receive announcements and messages regarding the course.  Your WebAdvisor email address is automatically (by default) the same address that is used by Blackboard. Instructions on how to change your WebAdvisor email address are available at: 

It is a course expectation that you read and respond to the instructor's e-mail communications in a timely manner.  Neglecting or forgetting to check for course-related e-mails will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to keep up with these important communications.


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