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Physics Department

Jerry Riley (coordinator for physics)


Program Information

Physics 110 satisfies the General Education, Area B: Natural Science requirement.

Physics 120 and 121 is for those majors (such as Biology and Technology) that require two semesters of physics but do not require Calculus.

Physics 130 and 131 is for those majors (such as Biology and Pre-Med) that require two semesters of physics and one semester of Calculus.

Physics 190, 200 and 210 is for Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Med and Engineering majors.


Physics 110 Introductory Physics (no Math prerequisite)

Physics 120 General Physics I (Math 170 prerequisite)

Physics 121 General Physics II (Physics 120 prerequisite)

Physics 130 Fundamental Physics I (Math 178 or Math 180 prerequisite)

Physics 131 Fundamental Physics II (Math 178 or Math 180 and Physics 130 prerequisite)

Physics 190 Mechanics and Heat (Math 180 prerequisite)

Physics 200 Electricity and Magnetism (Math 280 and Physics 190 prerequisite)

Physics 210 Waves and Modern Physics (Math 281 and Physics 190 prerequisite)