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Political Science


Political Science is the study of the processes, principles and structure of government and political institutions. It includes the examination of voting and elections, political parties, campaign financing, political theory and international relations. Students will understand the role of the citizen and the democratic process and have knowledge of the history and evolution of various forms of government.

Political Science is part of the History, Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Cuyamaca College.



Courses at Cuyamaca College range from Introduction to California Government and Politics – which focuses on the principal features, operation and organization of state and local government within the framework of U.S. federalism – to Introduction to International Relations, which focuses on major theories of international relations and probes global peace and security, the international political economy, international law and human rights. Other courses include Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics, and Selected Topics in Political Science, a class enabling students to tackle topics not covered by regular catalog offerings.

The study of political science can yield vital analytical skills, administrative competence and improved communications that are valued in a wide spectrum of professions. Majors in political science are on a path that can lead to careers in government, corporations, international organizations and nonprofits.



  • Education
  • Media relations
  • Political consulting
  • Diplomatic professions
  • Campaign management
  • Law
  • Congressional staffer or legislative representative
  • Foreign service officer
  • Policy analyst
  • Teacher or professor



Revised  July 10, 2014
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