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Professional Development: Committee Members  2005 - 2006

Larry Sherwood
Assoc. Dean, Learning Resources
Professional Development Administrator
Jodi Reed
Instructor, CIS
Faculty Representative
David Detwiler
Instructor, Spanish
Coordinator, Professional Development Committee
Lindy Brazil
Instructor, English
Faculty Representative
Nanette Weir
Instructor, Communications Arts
Faculty Representative
Pete Haro
Instructor, History
Adjunct Faculty Representative
Instructional Technology Support & Training Specialist
Technology Training Resource Member
Shari Ball
Secretary / Scholarship Specialist
Classified Representative
Marie Ramos, Ph.D.
Division Dean
Administrative Council Representative
Nancy Asbury
Administrative Secretary
Sandy Lyon
Assistant Dean, EOPS
Manager, CARE/New Horizons
Management Representative
Supervisory Representative
Barbara Modica
Classified Representative
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