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Professional Development: Approved Activities



Activities That Qualify For Professional Development Credit

On-campus Professional Development activities that have been approved by the Professional Development Committee (these will be given a number in the Professional Development Week Calendar).

  • Individual pre-approved, planned activities, such as instructional workshops, seminars, or professional conferences, as long as they meet the state mandated guidelines (see Professional Development Administrator for more information.

  • Meetings scheduled during Professional Development Week that meet state-mandated guidelines.

  • Pre-planned student mentoring/advising hours that meet the guidelines noted on Student Advising/Mentoring form (available in both PDF or Word formats).


Activities That Do Not Qualify For Professional Development Credit

  • Regular instructional and office hours.

  • Regular department meetings held at any time during the semester, other than Professional Development Week.

  • Standing committee meetings.

  • Hiring committee meetings.

  • Classroom preparation time (syllabus preparation, on-going web page development, preparation of instructional materials, gathering slides, etc.)

  • The above activities are considered part of one’s instructional load and responsibility and therefore do not qualify for staff development credit.

  • Chair/Coordinator responsibilities, including those that occur during Professional Development Week. One’s reassignment as a Chair/Coordinator is part of a full-time faculty load; therefore, Professional Development activities are required.

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