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Availability of Funds for Fall 2009

The Professional Development Committee has a small amount of money to fund professional development activities for faculty, classified employees, and administrators. Due to the recent budget crisis the committee cannot guarantee funding of conference and travel.

Should you desire funding for a professional development activity (training, conference, etc.), you may apply to the committee for funding support. In an effort to be fair to all, the following guidelines have been established:

Full time employees: Up to $200/fiscal year
Part time employees: Up to $100/fiscal year

How to Apply

To apply for these funds, submit a completed Request for Attendance at Off-Campus Activity form to your dean/supervisor with a copy of the conference or training schedule or some other formal notification of the event.

  • The event should address program, department, or campus needs.
  • This paperwork must be submitted to your dean/supervisor at least 3 weeks prior to the event to ensure sufficient time for approval.
  • When you submit the form, be sure to check "yes" for the question that asks, “Is this a Staff Development Activity?”
  • Once your dean/supervisor has approved the activity, the packet will be sent forward to the Staff Development Committee for review.
  • Retroactive requests will NOT be considered.
  • Activities that meet critical campus needs (essential to health & safety, accreditation, program continuation, certification or licensure, etc.) may be funded up to $500.
  • Funding is not guaranteed, therefore, we recommend that you wait for a notice of approval before you proceed with personal financial commitment.

Other Possible Funding Sources.

There are other sources that may help defray some or all costs.  For example, the Basic Skills committee has some funding for professional development.

Off-Campus Activity Request Form

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