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Professional Development: Guidelines


Statewide Guidelines
The purpose of staff development is to educate and improve the entire staff. AB1725 is the law that sets aside a certain amount of funds for community colleges in California to conduct Professional Development activities. At present there are no funds available, but should our budget change, monies would be available to all classified staff, faculty and administrators (full and part-time). [See Availability of Funding for more information.]

As per AB1725, the Flexible (Flex) Calendar allows community colleges to set aside 1-15 days of the state-mandated teaching year (175 days) for Professional Development purposes.  This time is to be used primarily by faculty for Professional Development activities related to staff, student and instructional. improvement (Title 5, section 55720). 

Professional Development at Cuyamaca College
Cuyamaca College has designated nine days of the instructional year as "flex days," i.e. five days preceding the Fall semester and four days preceding the Spring semester, leaving us with an instructional calendar of 166 days. These time periods are also referred to as our "Professional Development Weeks." These two weeks are important components of the Professional Development Program at Cuyamaca College, and the major vehicle for faculty participation in Professional Development activities.

Authorized Uses Of Professional Development Funds:
The authorized uses of Professional Development funds as outlined in AB1725 by the State Chancellor’s Office are listed below:
  • Improvement of teaching.
  • Maintenance of current academic and technical knowledge and skills.
  • In-service training for vocational education and employment preparation programs.
  • Retraining to meet changing institutional needs.
  • Intersegmental exchange programs.
  • Development of innovations in instructional and administrative techniques and program effectiveness.
  • Computer and technological proficiency programs.
  • Courses and training which implement affirmative action and upward mobility.

Other activities determined by the Board of Governors to be related to educational and professional development pursuant to criteria established by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, including, but not necessarily limited to, programs designed to develop self-esteem.

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