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Professional Development: Presenter Information


Professional Development Credit For Presenters:

Faculty presenters will receive two hours Professional Development credit for every hour of presentation (2 for 1).

Faculty may not receive 2 for 1 Professional Development credit for hosting or facilitating a presentation, only when actually making part of the presentation.

Please note: No professional development credit is given for breakfast or lunch.

Presenting A Professional Development Activity

All presentation requests must be reviewed and approved by the Professional Development Coordinator in consultation with the Professional Development Committee as needed in order to be included in the Professional Development Calendar and offered for credit. Please turn in a "Call For Presentations" Form to the Professional Development Administrator (download forms here).

Presenter’s Responsibilities:

Submit a "Call For Presentations" Form to the Professional Development Administrator. (These forms can be downloaded in either PDF or Word formats by visiting our Form Depot).

Presenters must be involved in both the planning and the delivery of their workshops.

Presenters may require pre-registration for their workshops. Please specify with whom participants need to register.

Presenters must make all arrangements for handouts, room set-up, and required computer and audiovisual equipment. The Professional Development Committee will assist if given prior notice.

Presenters must distribute and collect sign-in forms and evaluations. These forms will be put in the presenters’ mailboxes prior to their presentations.

The completed sign-in forms and evaluation forms should be returned to the Office of the Professional Development Administrator.

If presenters must cancel, they should notify the Professional Development Administrator as soon as possible.

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