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Complete Professional Development in these simple steps:

  1. Choose activities during Professional Development Week from the Schedule of Workshops.
    • Full Time Faculty: 40 hours per year.
    • Adjunct Faculty & Extra Pay: 1 hour for each assigned instructional hour (3 lecture units = 3 hours).
  2. Document activities from the Schedule of Workshops on the Record of Attendance form.
  3. Return Record of Attendance to the Professional Development Administrator by the end of Professional Development Week.
    (Paperless Option: on campus, turn in the completed Record of Attendance in PDF format by simply pressing SUBMIT. Return the Word version by saving the completed document to your computer and then sending it as an attachment to the Professional Development office.

Alternative Activities:

  1. Review guidelines for alternative activities.
  2. Submit the Individual Activity Proposal (pdf or word) to the Professional Development Coordinator by the end of Professional Development Week.
  3. Complete the activity and submit the Completed Activity Form with evidence of completion during the allowed timeframe:
    • Adjunct Faculty: between professional development week and the 5th week of class.
    • Full Time Faculty: between July 1 and June 30th.



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