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Activity Details

Monster in a Box: Writing as Confession
Friday, August 20
10:00am to 12:00pm (2 flex hours)

presented by Rob Stafford,
Workshop Number: CC-F-725
Location: B-101 Theatre

We will be watching & discussing Spalding Gray's 1992 film "Monster in a Box." The film is a first person account of Mr. Gray's attempt to finish his first novel--which had grown to 1900 pages at the time he created the monologue about it. The novel, entitled "Impossible Vacation" is about Mr. Gray's life, his writing process, his inability to take a vacation & his mother's suicide. The film is a follow-up of sorts to his earlier film "Swimming to Cambodia," and touches on some of the same themes while substantially increasing the size of the canvas. Mr. Gray's work is often funny, infuriating, illuminating and deeply sad all at once--be prepared to be moved by it one way or another, and bring your brains--I want to talk about it.






Revised   September 16, 2013
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