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Activity Details

Fall Kick-off and Data Review with Program Review Authors
Tuesday, August 17
10:00am to 12:00pm (2 flex hours)

presented by Ted Chandler, Alicia Munoz, Pat Setzer, Chris O'Byrne & Madelaine Wolfe,
Workshop Number: CC-F-210
Location: E-106

Instructional Program Review is intended to provide a regular opportunity for each instructional program to evaluate its effectiveness and make appropriate changes to maintain or improve the success of the program. Program Review is data-driven and outcomes-based to ensure that the results will be relevant and useful for each program. This workshop is an opportunity for 2010-2011 authors and committee members to work together on data review and other questions to kick-off the fall semester's work. Committee members will work side-by-side with new authors to assist them in getting started. The Program Review process is intended to contribute in a positive way toward the college goals, particularly Academic Excellence, by having each program evaluate its success in achieving its intended goals and outcomes.






Revised   September 16, 2013
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