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Whats New in Blackboard 9.1
Monday, August 15
6:00pm to 8:00pm (2 flex hours)

presented by Rhonda Bauerlein,
Workshop Number: CC-F-165
Location: E-206

In June 2011 we installed a new version of Blackboard. Come to this workshop to find out what is new. Some of the new features are wikis, new content types such as audio, image, video, and mashups (for YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare). This version also adds Course Files that will give instructors the ability to more effectively use and reuse content in their courses. Grading Blogs and Journals is now built-in. Instructors can create a Rubric to provide guidelines for grading an item and that rubric can be associated to a grading column and viewed while assigning a grade.

This workshop is for faculty already actively using Blackboard in their courses. If you haven't used Blackboard before, please attend the Getting Started with Blackboard workshop first.






Revised   September 16, 2013
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