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Instructional Program Review & Planning Writer's Workshop
Monday, August 15
2:00pm to 5:00pm (3 flex hours)

presented by Robin Steinback, VPI; Kathryn Nette,
Workshop Number: CC-F-175
Location: I207,208,209 Runs concurrent with IC Retreat

The goal of this workshop will be to present an overview of the updated Instructional Program Review & Planning process, report template and planning schedule to all faculty who will author their disciplines Program Review & Planning report. All faculty are highly encouraged to attend, as this will be the main workshop where you will learn to address the various components of the updated report. The session includes an introduction to the updated Program Review & Planning process, a review of the new Instructional Program Review and Planning report template and the Instructional Program Review Writers Guide, and an interactive session where the overarching 2012-2013 goals for all of instruction will be developed. Further detailed information about this workshops planned events will be sent directly to all faculty approximately 10 days prior to this workshop. Note: Will run concurrently with the ICRetreat; chairs/coordinators at IC Retreat need not attend this event.

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Revised   September 16, 2013
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