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Activity Details

Cuyamaca College Faculty Inquiry Group
Thursday, January 20
8:30pm to 10:00pm (1.5 flex hours)

presented by Lauren Haslted, Mary Graham,
Workshop Number: CC-S-820
Location: B-167

Have a thorny question you would like to investigate about something in your classroom or in your program, but feel you don't have the research background to begin investigating? Why students who could be passing drop? How to respond most effectively to student writing? What students think their responsibilities are as compared to those of faculty? How to assess program or course level SLOs. All faculty are welcome to meet to hear reports from previous FIG participants, too. The concept of a FIG will be explained and interested faculty will be invited to join for the term to discuss individual or group classroom-related or program-related research projects. This group is designed to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning among Cuyamaca faculty by introducing faculty to the basics of quantitative and qualitative analysis and the design and implementation of research plans.






Revised   September 16, 2013
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